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Introduction. Intro History Specs Accessories Performance Usage Recommendations. The Yashica Electro 35 was one of the most popular consumer 35mm cameras of

Guy Bourdin, born in Paris in 1928, was one of the most radical and influential fashion photographers of the twentieth century. His unique blend of surreal and erotic

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Yashica electro 35, Yashica G, GS, GSN, GTN, GL, MG-1, CC 35 User Guides, Yashica Specifications & history.

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Yashica GSN Gallery. This photo was taken 2002.11 at a country auction in rural Minnesota with my original GSN (camera #1 above). The film used was Fuji Superia 200

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What is it? This is a Wards am551 rangefinder camera sold by the Montgomery Wards chain of department stores. This camera is actually just a rebadged Konica Auto S2

External links. Yashica 35mm Rangefinder Chronology & Specifications by Yashica Guy; Yashica Electro 35 by Karen Nakamura at Photoethnography.com; Yashica Electro 35

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Yashica Rangefinder Photography Questions and Answers. Last Update June 22, 2013. This Q & A may also apply to other camera makes, and is a mini photography course.

1960s. FIRST LASER – 1960. The first operable laser was constructed by Theodore Maiman while employed at Hughes Research Laboratories as a section head in 1960.

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