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By | 19th June 2017

Russian (Russian: ру́сский язы́к, tr. russkiy yazik) is an East Slavic language and an official language in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and

Colors in Russian language. Colors list with audio and online game for learning the words for the colors in Russian. Free quiz to learn Russian colors.

Language learning games – educational website features free to use and fun games for learning 70 languages, including Chinese, English/ESL French, German, Japanese

There is no universally accepted criterion for distinguishing two different languages from two dialects (i.e. varieties) of the same language. A number of rough

Russian Dialects Was 117

Russian Dialects Was 46

Scotland actually has more variation in dialects than England! The variations do have a few things in common, though, besides a large particularly

Dialect Map of American English Not all people who speak a language speak it the same way. A language can be subdivided into any number of dialects which each

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Russian Dialects Was 104

Accents of English from around the world. Select any sample below to see thousands of mp3s of accents of English. American accents, English Accents, French

Russian Dialects Was 121

Doric Dialects and Doric Poets of North-East Scotland By John Henderson

A top site to listen to and study accents and dialects from across the world. Hundreds of recordings and phonetic transcriptions using the IPA are featured on

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“Paul worked for us on ‘Ride With The Devil’ as dialect and dialogue coach, developing dialect tapes for all seventy speaking roles, coaching all the actors, and was

Russian Dialects Was 93

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