Happy Mouth Eggbutt

By | 3rd February 2015

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This is the only common snaffle bit that does not have any joint at all. With its slight curve, it is often considered to be a mild bit because it puts more pressure

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Pony size tack including girths, bridles, saddle pads, reins, martingales, grazing muzzles, halters, and bits. Quality brands like Passier, Henri De Rivel, ware

Over 150 English bits covering all disciplines; FES, Robart, Myler, Happy Mouth, Stubben, and Bowman

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Just for Ponies offers one of the largest selection of pony bits you’ll find anywhere! Our sizes range from 3″ to 4.75″ and everything in between.

Snaffle bits, pelhams, curbs, & combination bits for showing, training or collegeing your .

The Bit Guide is a resource for all equestrian enthusiasts looking for information about bits and bitting issues. Browse or search our bit guide to

Discover a large range of bits to suit your needs. Snaffle bit, English or Western bits and gag bits for equestrian such as dressage and for Pony.

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Dee ring snaffle bits are very popular in the hunter ring. We offer these bits in a variety of metals and mouth pieces to suitjust about any need.

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